WE’RE MOVING! Look for us at our new location at 1438 W. Cortland in Chicago. Follow us on social media or check here for our grand opening date.

Interurban is a cafe and pastry shop but it’s not your ordinary cafe and pastry shop. It’s unique in both location and product. At Interurban, we use natural ingredients and, when appropriate, superfoods to enhance your eating experience. You’ll find soups, salads, sandwiches and sweets that are different than anywhere else in Chicago. We work to make our savory foods healthy and our sweets natural and delicious. And, most of all, we make food that tastes good.

While our pop-tarts are our most popular item our chef has been called a “soup genius” and our chili has been described as “the way life is meant to be.” In other words, don’t forget to grab a complete meal and not just fill up on sweets, er, well, you can fill up on sweets if you want but we offer many options to satisfy your hunger.